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Why schools are still closed

The first question I would like to ask you is: Why do you think Government has chosen to keep schools closed?

“Gamba n’ogu” Is a culture that will hurt us badly

We are so used to corruption that it’s now become systemic. Everyone and everything needs some 'Ka' money to survive.

Lessons on successful leadership transfer

Sometimes the community complicates leadership transfer when it fails to recognize a past leader just out of office. Used to being chauffeured and greeted by their ceremonial titles, past leaders are shocked when the day after they leave office, none seems to care much for them anymore.

Full speech of Museveni’s address on covid-19 situation in Uganda

"Kikuubo and other Business Centres should be closed, and the situation reverts to the Presidential Directive of March 2020."

What Pres. Museveni said at his inauguration

They were, however, not co-ordinated and they were defeated one by one. Taking Uganda as an example, our society was, that time, a precapitalist, mainly non-money one, using barter trade (kuchurika) and comprised of 3 social classes: the feudalists; the artisans (black-smiths, carpenters, potters, etc.); and the peasants (agriculturalists, pastoralists and fishermen).

THE BAGANDA: A Nation or aTribe?

Of late, some few Baganda have become ultra-nationalists that is, desirous of excluding anything or any one who is not originally a Muganda.

OPINION: Accusing Buganda of tribalism is pitful, dangerous

The president's vapid assertions that Buganda was ‘tribally motivated’ during the recent elections are rather pitiful and dangerous

How to safeguard yourself against Covid-19 during Christmas

Deaths due to COVID-19 in Uganda are escalating. The dead include prominent political, religious, business and military leaders.

We need to learn from people like Sheikh Muzaata – statement

He was a person who never kept a grudge against anyone even if they disagreed on anything.

Why the delay in distributing face masks to the Ugandan Population?

The Ministry of Health apologizes for the prolonged delay in distribution of the fabric face masks which is beyond our control.

Latest news

Omulangira Wasajja akuutidde ababaka ku nsonga z’ettaka

Bino Omulangira  Wasajja abyogedde atikkula Bannabulemeezi okubadde ababaka ba Palamenti awamu n’abaami b’amagombolola,  oluwalo wano mu Bulange e Mmengo ku Lwokubiri.

Why Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana remain detained despite court bail

The two law makers who have been in detention for weeks, are facing six charges of murder, attempted murder, terrorism and abetting terrorism.

Kyambogo University releases Graduation list

The ceremonies will run for a period of three (3) days starting with Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation and School of Management and Entrepreneurship.

Obuganda bufiiriddwa munnaddiini abadde omutabaganya – Kabaka

Omutanda obubaka buno abutisse Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga abadde yeetabye mu kuziika Ssaabasumba Lwanga ku Eklesia y’Omutukuvu Nicholas e Namung’oona mu ssaza y’e Kyaddondo.

Chameleon reveals why he took NRM’s car

Like his stage name suggests, the Dunia etumaliramu bwerere singer has for the last few months shown true characteristics of a chameleon.

Uganda receives 1.6M more dozes of Covid-19 vaccine

According to the National Medical Stores Spokesperson Sheila Nduhukire, the vaccines will be stored in highly specialized fridges at the National Medical Stores of up to -80 degrees.

Villa reveals new technical bench

At a ceremony held at the club’s head offices in Industrial Area, the Jogoos unveiled Greek-born Petros Koukouras as the head coach.

Bowing out of Champions League won’t kill our motivation, says Bbosa

Express Sunday crashed out of the tournament after losing 1-0 to Al Merrikh of Sudan at the Shikan Castle stadium in Obeid.

Full statement: Museveni ‘officially’ condemns military coup in Guinea

In a statement released Friday afternoon, the 17th of September, 2021, Museveni said the recent coups in Africa ought to be evaluated to establish if they are ideologically oriented or simply carried out due to influence from external players.