About us


Sta Daily News is an extension of STA MEDIA Uganda that was established in July, 27th, 2020.

We are an online news portal based in Kampala, Uganda( the Pearl of Africa) focusing on politics, business, Health, tourism, sports and entertainment(Edutainment).


We pride ourselves in being truthful, trusted, independent and professional.

Trust us for we an authority in what we do and endeavor to deliver news in a fair, balanced and objective manner.


To  educate, inform, entertain, and inspire people  within Uganda, East Africa and Africa through the power of unparalleled storytelling,  content creation and strong editorial policies that make us the continent’s most trusted source of news.


To be the most competent and trusted source of news in Africa.


1- To deliver well researched, edited and balanced news stories to our followers.

2- To tell the story of non previlleged citizens on the African continent.

3- To publish global stories  that we deem inspiring to our followers.

4- To help authorities in deseminating vital information to the population.

5-To grow into a bigger and formidable media company.