UTB, DIT move to assess tour guides in Uganda

The over 140 tour guides who are currently being examined by DIT at UWEC. (COURTESY PHOTO).

Uganda Tourism Board in partnership with Directorate of industrial training (DIT), Sector Skills Council, and Enabel is conducting an assessment of tourist guides in the country.

The exercise which began Monday 30 May, runs until June 1,2022 at the Uganda wild Life Education Center (UWEC) in Entebbe.


“The assessment is being done as per the revised (ATP) Assessment and training package 2020. The purpose of the assessment is to ascertain the tourist guides that qualify for a licensing by UTB,” UTB said in a statement.

Upon successful passing of both theoretical and practical exams,guides will be awarded with licenses.

According to UTB, 142 tour guides were Monday subjected to their first theory exam as part of the assessment process. The tourist guides are being assessed in levels depending on their depth of knowledge, skills and experience. ATPs Provide assessment tools for level 1, leve2 and level 3.

Why subjecting tour guides to exams?

Uganda Tourism Board says the main purpose of putting tourist guides on examination is to equip them with professional skills which will benefit the tourists in the end.

The exercise will also help the board to
identify the guides that qualify for licensing through which they will be able to regulate their trade.

Through the assessment, UTB says it will be easier to vet and later group the licensed guides according to their levels.

Overall, the exercise will improve professionalism and hence, quality services to tourists who visit Uganda.

As per the Tourism Act [2008] section 7(j & k), Uganda tourism board is mandated to regulate the tourism industry in the country.

 The board is responsible for the registration of all tourism enterprises like Tour Guides, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Accommodation Facilities, Stand-alone restaurants and Homestays.

The other responsibilities of UTB are licensing, inspecting and monitoring the tourism enterprises in Uganda.

On top of assessing, training and licensing all tour guides, UTB is also required by law to classify accommodation facilities as well as grading stand-alone restaurants.