3 people perish in Migyera accident


Three people whose names are yet to be revealed have died on spot in a single fatal accident, involving a taxi, registration number UAX, 303F that was traveling from Masindi to Kampala.

“The territorial Police at Migyera has today 17.05.2022, at around 11.30am, registered a single fatal accident, involving a taxi registration number UAX, 303F that was traveling from Masindi to Kampala,” said Faridah Nampiima, the spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety Uganda Police.


According to Nampiima, the accident happened 10kms to Migyera Town.

It’s alleged that the Taxi had a tyre burst, and lost control, overturning and killing three people on spot – two female adults and one female juvenile.

Nampiina revealed that the injured persons had been rushed to nearby health centres for first aid treatment.

A report released by the Traffic police last week showed that 118 people had lost lives in various road accidents recorded in the previous 10 days, an indication of about 12 people per day losing lives in these crashes.

While presenting the report, the Traffic Police Spokesperson, ASP Faridah Nampiima revealed that 23 people had died on two public holidays namely International Labour Day on May 1, and Eid on May 2, while 67 other people died between April 24 and April 30.

According Nampiima, driving vehicles in dangerous mechanical conditions, speeding, reckless driving, not wearing seatbelts and crash helmets are the major contributors to these gruesome road killings.

“When we conduct operations against traffic offenders, you realise many people don’t wear seatbelts. People are driving DMCs. Bodaboda riders are not wearing seatbelts. For instance, in our operations of last week, we had 2,089 drivers of DMCs, we had 1,709 drivers driving recklessly, 446 were speeding, 760 were not wearing seatbelts and 606 had no crash helmets,” she said.