Alupo says government has situation in Karamoja under control

Vice president Jesca Alupo. PHOTO/ FILE/TWITTER.

The Vice President of Uganda, Maj.Gen.Jessica Alupo (Rtd) has urged locals who had fled their houses in fear of Karimojong warriors to return home.

She was speaking at St Stephen Catholic Church in Katakwi during Easter prayers.


Alupo revealed that the government has deployed heavily in and around Karamoja something she said will bring back sanity in the area.
“The situation has been discussed comprehensively by the security forces. I can assure the population that as of now, sufficient deployment has been made inside Karamoja and sufficient deployments are being made in all districts surrounding Karamoja,” she said.

The Vice president used the same occasion to rally residents to take advantage of the coming rains and plant crops for their families in order to avoid famine.
She added that the heads of state of Kenya and South Sudan had already met with President Museveni to disarm the Pokot and Turkana warriors of Kenya as well as the Toboth warriors of South Sudan to end trouble in the region.

Although this website can’t independently verify how many lives have been lost, reports suggest several persons have died. It’s also reported that hundreds of people have been displaced in past few weeks due to the attacks by suspected cattle rustlers.