Clergy speak tough on corruption, torture in Good Friday message


Members of the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) Friday joined the rest of the world to celebrate the way of the cross.

During the ecumenical celebrations which took place at Old Kampala secondary school play grounds, the clergy condemned the high levels of human trafficking, torture, arbitrary detentions and corruption currently taking place in Uganda.


In his address,Kampala Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere decried government officials whom he said have betrayed Ugandans just like Judas Iscariot did to Jesus.
“When you look at the story of the passion of Christ, it is an opportunity to look at the suffering of Christ, the innocent ones and also speaks to our current situation.  In the gospel of the passion we see Judas Iscariot who because of greed sells his Lord. In modern times, we have a number of Judases amongst us,”he noted.

According to the Archbishop, it’s the Judas mentality of greed and selfishness that motivates government officials to steal public funds while others are wallowing in poverty.

Praying that God heals the country from the vice, Ssemogerere said “It is this mentality that makes people think it is okay to isolate themselves in luxurious living while others are struggling in misery.”

He observed that other actions like human sacrifice and sale of human organs like the kidney and liver all show greed by Judases in society.

Like Ssemogerere, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr.Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu regretted that corruption was making Ugandans suffer on the expense of a few greedy individuals.

“It is a pity that this country is still scoring lowly in terms of fighting corruption. Corruption is condemned by God and we ask government to make sure this evil is done away with,” he said, urging that “those who plunder public resources be brought to book.”

Dr. Kaziimba also showed his disappointment about the skyrocketing prices for commodities which he said were making people, especially the poor suffer more.

The two leaders were accompanied by Archbishop Jeronymos Muzeeyi of the Orthodox Church of Uganda who preached that “humility is the medicine of peace” and that “all Christians and all faithful must work for peace”.

The congregants used the same occasion to remember the late former Archbishop of Kampala Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. Dr. Lwanga was Saturday morning found in his bed dead after leading the way of the cross on the Good Friday of 2021.