Man of 25 years shocks world with plans to marry 85 year old woman

Thereza used to jokingly call her tenant husband, which he took lightly, but as time went by, both started falling in love.

25 year old Patrick Muima and his wife to be Thereza,85 showing each other why age is just a number. PHOTO/ Facebook.

Kenyans are still fighting to come to terms with news of a 25 year-old man planning to marry woman of 85 years.

It has emerged that Muima Patrick met his current lover Thereza when he was looking for a house to rent while he furthered his studies.
The man got the house but reports show the two later became close friends.


Thereza used to jokingly call her tenant husband, which he took lightly, but as time went by, both started falling in love.

In an interview with Afrimax English,Muima said,“the way she behaved and treated (me) pushed me to love her and though she is an old woman and in reality, she could be my grandmother but I love her.”

“This is my choice. This is my happiness, as anyone else has theirs. Before pleasing others, first, please yourself and decide not based on anyone else’s opinions,” he added.

Despite having grand children who are older than Muima,Thereza said wasn’t ashamed of her relationship.

“I have eight children and 20 grandchildren. According to my boyfriend’s age, he could be my fifth grandchild. He loves me and I love him. I am ready to put on the wedding dress and ring.”

The couple did not disclose their wedding dates but admitted that there were plans to make it official.

Muima, is 60 years younger than his lover and wife-to-be.

The lovebirds, however seem to be bothered less as they believe they are a perfect match.

Muima and Thereza have given a deaf ear to people discouraging their relationship because of their age.

They argued that not even spiritual powers could separate them as they are not only deep in love but also committed to each other. Isn’t love indeed a sweet thing?

They said friends and families have tried to separate them, but all in vain, as they will not succumb.

To express how committed he is, Muima said he was ready to pay the bride price of 12 cows which his girlfriend’s children have asked for.

He said, unlike in his previous “draining and dramatic” relationships, Thereza had proven to be different.

“I’ll never choose any girl over this one. I pray she won’t die before me, “Muima added.

Thereza doesn’t rule out the chances of raising a family with her young boyfriend. She said there are examples in the Bible of old women who gave birth and that gives her hope.