Police reveal identity of man tortured on camera

The police spokesperson said the horrific act was carefully captured on video, where the faces of the assailants were concealed

Police Spokesperson, CP Enanga Fred.

Police in Kampala have revealed the identity of a man who was seen being tortured by yet to be identified men in a video that has since gone viral. Police said he was randomly called by a group of people who later tortured him for motives still under police investigations.

Addressing the media on Monday, Police Spokesperson CP Fred Enanga identified the victim in the video as Njuba Brian, 40, a plumber by profession and resident of Lungujja, Rubaga Division in Kampala.


According to Mr Enanga, Njuba on telephone number 0752-546152 was contacted by the group disguising as clients who directed him to a room at Lovely Guest House, located at Katoogo LCI, Gaba Parish in Makindye Division, where he was tortured and left for dead.  The despicable act of torture was recorded on video and posted on various digital platforms.

“The facts gathered so far, indicate that on 26.03.2022, at around 10am, a one Njuba Brian, a 40-year-old plumber of Lungujja Rubaga Division, was invited for plumbing work, by a group of suspects who hired a room at Lovely Guest House.  Upon arrival, he was called to Room 6, where the suspects immediately grabbed and stripped him naked.  He was viciously tortured, his testicles tied with ropes, his mouth gagged using stockings, and parts of his body burnt using a hot plastic jerrycan.  They robbed his mobile phone and left him for dead,” Enanga said.

The police spokesperson said the horrific act was carefully captured on video, where the faces of the assailants were concealed.  The recorder of the video only managed to display a yellow T-shirt with “NRM” at the back, to probably reveal that the assailants subscribe to the NRM Party.

“We have further established that the suspect’s details, were not captured at the Guest House.  As a result, both the owner of the Guest House, called Mushabe Brian and Namagembe Mercy, the duty attendant, were arrested for further investigation, for flouting the security protocols, on guest registration,” Mr Enanga said.

In the video, the victim clearly reveals, that he had zero connection with the strangers, which implies they completely chose him randomly, following adverts of his contacts on various poles and walls within the division.

Upon rescue from the scene of crime, Enanga said the victim was rushed to Mulago Hospital for further medical attention and was progressing well. He cautioned Ugandans to always be careful when going for hired works, or else move in pairs or groups. 

“We want to caution all workers who go about their trades in isolation to take cognisance of such risks and start moving in pairs or groups.

“A serious manhunt for the suspects has already begun and we shall not rest until they are arrested and charged to court,” Enanga revealed.