Xavi’s ten commandments delivered to Barcelona players after taking charge

Xavi has directed that his stars must train with the same passion as they play - anyone who fails to reach that target is likely to fall out of favour quickly.

New Barcelona boss Xavi Hernández (Middle- front row) addressing his players for the first time on Tuesday. PHOTO/COURTESY.

FC Barcelona’s new boss Xavi Hernández Tuesday conducted his first training session with his new players. However, before the training, he held a talk with his new staff.

The 41-year-old who succeeds Ronald Koeman in the Camp Nou hot-seat,made it categorically clear that the pillars of his tenure will be based on “order and demand”.


Despite the fact the club currently languish as low as ninth in the La Liga table and have suffered their worst ever start to a Champions League group stage campaign, Xavi felt this was an opportunity too good to decline.

To achieve this, Spanish News outlet AS reports that Xavi has outlined ten key rules (commandments) his stars must follow.

According to the new man at the helm of one of world’s biggest football clubs, these are norms and rules he learnt throughout his career as a player, “when we have had order and discipline, things have gone well, but when we have not had order or discipline, everything has gone wrong and ended badly,” he said.

The rules:

•Players must be at the training grounds 90 minutes earlier

As of Tuesday(yesterday), all players are tasked to be at the training grounds an hour and 30 minutes earlier.
The goal is to have time to prepare for training sessions and for the players to have a quiet breakfast. Also to be able to make some individual talks to comment on aspects of the work.

•The staff must arrive even earlier than the players

Like they say, leaders must lead by example.
Xavi is the first to set an example, so his assistants and the rest of the locker room members have to ‘sign in’ 120 minutes before training, with the aim that when the players start to arrive, they have everything ready to start working out.

•All players must eat at the training grounds

Xavi wants all his players eat in the Ciutat Esportiva’s dining room to keep tabs on their diets in a bid to reduce injuries and increase match-fitness.

Prior to his arrival, players were allowed to eat elsewhere but Xavi is keen to oversee what kind of food and drink his players are taking on.

•Heavy fines re-instituted

Ever since Luis Enrique left Barcelona in 2017,none of the managers that came later has implemented any kind of fine structure, but having played under Pep Guardiola – a boss in keen favour of fines, Xavi has duly followed suit.

•Fines to be doubled up for perennial offenders

If a player commits an offence repeatedly, the fine slapped on him will be increased accordingly.
This structure was in place for Enrique’s reign, in which AS report that some players were docked up to €6,000 for being guilty of the same offences over and over again.

•No staying out late in the night at least 48 hours to a game.

Two days prior to a game, all players are mandated by this rule to be home as early as possible.
This rule is thought to have been enforced to reduce the likelihood of any late-comers as well as ensuring players are in the best possible condition.

The new manager is reportedly incredibly strict on this rule in particular, perhaps giving an insight into how he prepared for games back in his playing days.

• Meritocracy(All players must put in maximum effort during training sessions)

Xavi has directed that his stars must train with the same passion as they play – anyone who fails to reach that target is likely to fall out of favour quickly.
Only those who train the best and who have the most commitment at work will have options to be starters. The rest will suck the bench or in the worst case, they will not be summoned.

• Club to monitor players’ off-pitch activities.

Xavi is expected to clamp down on any mid-season holiday’s as he is not keen on the idea of his players flying across the globe while games are still to be played.

Coaching staff will be keeping a watchful eye on how players choose to use their free-time and if it is not appropriate they will be warned before further action is potentially taken.

•Players barred from engaging in ‘risky’ activities.

No Barca player will henceforth be allowed to engage in hobbies that are deemed a potential safety hazard by the club.

Electric bikes and surfing are just two of the activities no longer permitted by Xavi’s regime.

• Task to keep positive image

Everyone associated with the club from backroom staff to players will be expected to conduct themselves professionally when in the public eye.

The players are a fundamental part of the club image and being one of the biggest football brands in the world, Xavi wants Barcelona to remain clean at all times.