Daniel Irish Kanyerezi reveals next step after quitting Capital FM

Using his social media pages, Kanyerezi revealed his next step.

Daniel Kanyerezi aka Irish Kyebandula. PHOTO/COURTESY.

If you are an ardent listener to Capital FM’s love program, the Late Date, you must have realized that it’s no longer Daniel Irish Kanyerezi on the mic.

Kanyerezi resigned his job and has since gone off air although he said the official handover will take place on October 31,2021.


Using his social media pages, Kanyerezi revealed his next step.

“So what next for Daniel Irish?
Pray Abit more,Family and Of course Growing my baby: www.beminetoday.com a dating website which I encourage you to Create a Profile and Join! Will the dating Groups Stay? Certainly and You can reach me on 0780103333 for Support,” he said.

Although he said he has not entirely given up on returning to radio, Kanyerezi noted that he wants to use the sabbatical to charge his batteries and possibly, make a bounce back while stronger.

He also said that he will continue offering Counseling services to people dealing with Depression,Weird relationships and Fact Findings.

“Do I want to still do Radio?
To you my Fans,I can guarantee you,this won’t be the last ..I have read many messages,taken Calls from people of Influence and all I have received from all of you is Love..am recharging my Batteries for a little while.”

Kanyerezi joined Capital FM in April 2013 and in his words, he said “– I must admit the Road has had abit of Bumps and Success to share and smile about.

He said the previlledge to sit in for absent colleagues in all shows was a sign of being versatile.

The former Amarula Family comedian has however made his name as a host of the Late Date show for the last three years.

From being just a show host at the beginning,Kanyerezi had gradually graduated to a management level where he has until resigning served as Assistant Programs Controller.

“I also had the Opportunity to schedule/Program the Music and Introduce songs to your Ears,Made Friends with Top Artists and Promoters who Run this Industry and Much More,” he wrote.

Through the Late Date show, Daniel Irish said he has been able to among other things, get an honor to deal with thousands of marital/relationship issues. And he has offered advice,counseled and helped people walk out of Wrong Relationships and even strengthened Marriages and Relationships.

As a result of dealing with an enormous number of people of different walks of life that are looking for soulmates, Kanyerezi decided to create a Dating website to help singles expand their reach.