Why you may have to wait until 10 pm to watch your favorite gossip tv show

Reports say the commission has persistently received complaints from the public about the gossip shows. 

Kayz (Left) and his colleagues who are still facing charges of offensive communication and criminal libel.

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has ordered that all television gossip shows be aired between 10pm and 5am.

This website understands that a directive was sent to all media outlets with a warning that the commission would proceed to institute other regulatory sanctions against any station that fails to adhere to the new rules.


“UCC has ordered all gossip shows on Tv to be airing between 10pm and 5am. A directive which has been sent to TVs notes that any Tv that fails to adhere to the directive, “the Commission shall proceed to institute other regulatory sanctions,” one of the stations tweeted.

According to a source privy to this matter,
the shows were ordered to air at that time because they contain adult content, sexual innuendos, and profanity with potential to disturb and harm some members of the public especially children.

It’s also stated that some of the hosts of such shows appear on TV while dressed indecently in skimpy outfits and the language used by presenters during the shows is often demeaning and contains unsubstantiated claims against different individuals.

Reports say the commission has persistently received complaints from the public about the gossip shows. 

Among the programs complained about are; NBS TV’s Uncut Sabula-Uncut Kalakata, Spark TV’s Live Wire, Kingdom TV’s Kapyaki, Dream TV’s Tik-Tak Sesetula, BTM TV’s Access, BBS TV’s Round About, Baba TV’s Poko Poko, Urban TV’s Short Circuit Sonsomola, Top TV’s Kachumbai, ABS TV’s Evening Zone and STV’s Select E-Buzz.

This comes shortly after UCC convened a meeting with producers and presenters of the said shows.

Producers and presenters of gossip TV shows while meeting UCC early October. PHOTO/COURTESY.

The meeting followed a row between three Next media services employees and singer OS Suna which saw the latter sue the trio to court as well petitioning UCC.

The three workers who include Isaac Kawalya alias Kayz, Makuliiro William alias Makko and Brian Waako, were charged with offensive communication and criminal libel and remanded to Kitalya Prison. They were however released on a 10 million shillings non cash bail each.