UMSC Historical Series, Part 20: Umsc constitution overthrown

The affected structures were spread in Aduku, Kibuze, Teboke, Minakulu, Otwal, Ayeri, Dokolo, and Lira Town.


By Zziwa Ashiraf

Prior to the forceful eviction of Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya’s Administration from the UMSC Headquarters in Old Kampala, they had planned two events and indeed were the last they managed to carry out in 1985.

Sheikh Kamulegeya, then the Chief Kadhi of Uganda took one week on a fact finding tour of Northern and Mid- Western Uganda regions.

Sheikh Kamulegeya was accompanied by his top Council Officials including Haj Isah Khalifa Lukwago, then Secretary General, late Haj Asumani Mbubi, then Deputy Chairman, Haj Muhamoud Kazimbiraine, the Deputy Secretary for Planning & Development, and Information Officer, Kanyana Batala.

The team toured Muslims in Lango and Bunyoro Muslim Districts respectively. Sheikh Kamulegeya received an arousing welcome from Muslims in Lango and District Muslim Leadership then was under Sheikh Adam Abdallah Ayoo and Salim Onuk as Kadhi and Chairman respectively.

Sheikh Kamulegeya toured several projects that included Mosques and Schools and also presided over a fundraising carried out to reconstruct them after their destruction in the 1979 war. The affected structures were spread in Aduku, Kibuze, Teboke, Minakulu, Otwal, Ayeri, Dokolo, and Lira Town.

Muslims presented reports, which hinted on wide spread discrimination with all sorts of names such as “the late President Idi Amin’s people and Anyanya’s”.The Muslims also reported loss of property and land to grabbers.

In his reply, Sheikh Kamulegeya pledged to follow up the matter with concerned Government authorities. Amazingly, according to historical records from UMSC Archives, many people went on to embraced Islam whenever the team visited.

In Bunyoro, Sheikh Kamulegeya started his tour in Masindi where he received a warm reception from Bunyoro Muslim Leadership then under Sheikh Ibrahim Bitamazire as the District Kadhi, Mualim Abdu Swamadu Musa, the Deputy Kadhi, late Haj Nouman Kyamanywa, the District Chairman, Haj Hassan Byarufu, the Deputy Chair, Bruhane Kyakuhaire, the District Secretary, late Haj Ausi Rwakakaikara and Ahmed Kitaakule, both were National Executive Members and Haj Othuman Kituuzi a retired Magistrate and Sheikh Twaha Ali were Members of the General Assembly.

Sheikh Kamulegeya presided over several Mawuledi Ceremonies and visited many Mosques Schools and other developmental projects in places such as Kihande, Bigando, Kirasa, Bookwe, Kilwanyi, Hoima, Kinyara, Garasoya, Biiso, Kigorobya, Parajwoki, Karongo, Kibingo, Kasomoro, Bwikya, Buswekera, Muhoro, Kahyora, Kagadi, Isunga, Kaikara and Kakumiro.

To be continued—-

The writer is the Spokesperson of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.