Shock as minister loses millions in land purchase scam

“I trusted you, son, as a man of God but you have duped me. I want my money. I used my property as a collateral for me to obtain the loan,"- Minister.


A cabinet minister in Malawi, Esther Mcheka-Chilenje has lost a whooping K15 million in a fake land purchase deal.

Mcheka-Chilenje who is also a former speaker of Malawian Parliament, was duped by a conman who disguised as a prophet.


‘Prophet’ Andrew Kambeja connived with an owner of a school premises in Blantyre,where Maranatha Academy leased for 10 years and duly paid K240 million and robbed the minister of her hard earned cash.

The former Nsanje North Member of Parliament, Mcheka-Chilenje, runs a private school but has had a rude awakening and a shock of her life after realizing that a ‘Man of God’ she trusted and fondly called ‘son’ had actually tricked her and robbed her of a cool K15 million, which she’s said to have borrowed from the loan sharks (a katapira) at a higher interest rate.

According to Nyasa Times News paper, Kambeja and his accomplice in the matter, Elvis Nserebo, owner of the school premises told the unsuspecting Mcheka-Chilenje that if she paid K15 million, she would take the school premises where Maranatha Academy operates.

In an audio, which has gone viral and trending on social media in the country, Mcheka-Chilenje is overheard pleading with Prophet Kambeja to return her K15 million insisting she trusted him as a man of God only for him to connive with Nserebo to force her borrow the money with high interest rate in order for her to acquire the property for her school.

“I trusted you, son, as a man of God but you have duped me. I want my money. I used my property as a collateral for me to obtain the loan.

“Please, give me my money back. God will punish you. As a man of God you shouldn’t be doing this. Give me back my money or else, I will go to my lawyers,” Mcheka-Chilenje pleads in the audio to which the prophet is heard saying yes mum to everything.

When interviewed, the Maranatha Academy Managing Director Ernest Kaonga told Nyasa Times that he had called Mcheka-Chilenje and warned her against paying any money for the premises.

Said Kaonga: “If only she listened to me, she wouldn’t have been robbed. I called to warn her but she trusted the wrong people. I tried to explain to her that there is an injunction in place so at this point it was pointless for her to get involved where the matter was in court,” said Kaonga.