UMSC Ranches: The collapse of Kassamallah agreement

After the deliberations, the House then comprising ninety One (91) Members resolved and issued a Communiqué, which read in part;


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By Zziwa Ashiraf


Prince Haj Badru Kakungulu officially opened the Special UMSC General Assembly in the morning of Sept 5th 1983. Shortly after his remarks as the chair, the UMSC Joint Session Report was laid before the House followed by deliberations of the members.

After the deliberations, the House then comprising ninety One (91) Members resolved and issued a Communiqué, which read in part;

“Supremely aware of our responsibility as the Supreme Organ of UMSC and as the elected Representatives of all Muslims in Uganda, determined to ensure that the affairs of Muslims are governed systematically through Proper Organs, driven by the Principles of democracy, under the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, the Umbrella Muslim Organisation.
Conscious that it is the desire of all Muslims to restore stability to their Community forthwith in order to enable them play their proper role in the affairs of nation, together with their other fellow citizens, do hereby;

● Note with appreciation and endorse the decision of the Joint-Committee of the College of Sheikhs and the Executive Committee which, met on 31th/ 8/83 and among other things elected Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya and Sheikh Anasi Kinyiri respectively as Chief Kadhi and Deputy Chief Kadhi of Uganda, do affirm that these are the Legal holders of these Offices in accordance with our Constitution, which is properly registered and recognized under the laws of Uganda.

● Deplore all attempts by those acting outside our Constitution of UMSC to open other headquarters purported to be in the names of this Organisation, which has resulted into confusing the Muslim masses.
The Supreme Council will not tolerate the opening of any such offices, at any level, that do not have the authority of our recognized and registered headquarters at Old Kampala. In this regard those who have used UMSC premises to open alternative offices are directed to close them forthwith.

● Applaud and accord undivided support to the policy of the government against interference into the affairs of religious Organisations, nevertheless, we wish it clearly understood the Gov’t assist properly appointed leaders of a religious Organisation is to support legality and eliminates lawlessness and disorder, a task to which our present government is commendably committed as well as being the basic duty of every government.

‘………….we strongly endorse the relentless efforts by HE Dr. Apollo Milton Obote and his government to work for total restoration of peace and security in our Country.”

In his concluding remarks, Prince Kakungulu said, “most of you are young blood and you should know that there are trying moments ahead of you.
You’re to be cajoled, threatened, and insulted but always hold fast to truth because that is the way of Islam.

He continued by advising the members that whenever they are discussing Islamic matters, they should have internal consultations. “You reach decision be it wrong, it has at least the blessings of Allah and eventually God will assist you,” he said.
This day marked the collapse of the Kassamallah agreement signed on September 2st 1981.

To continue…….

The author is the Spokesperson of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.