Journalist Katongole eyeing Kayunga’s top seat

If given the mandate to represent the party and eventually win the by-election, Katongole revealed his first priority will be to work on road network in the district.


Despite failing twice to win the Bbaale Constituency Member of Parliament seat, media personality Denis Katongole alias Katongole Omutongole is far from chickening out of Kayuga’s politics.
Katongole now eyes the district’s top leadership seat, the chairmanships.

He is seeking to replace Owek Ffeffekka Sserubogo who died before he could hardly master the smell of his office as chairman Local Council 5.
According to Police, Sserubogo committed suicide. He was mid June found hanging on a tree.


During the 2021 General elections, the National Unity Platform (NUP) preferred Charles Tebandeke to Katongole for the party ticket for Bbaale Constituency.
And consequently, Katongole could only emerge sixth out of 12 candidates with 2,718 votes. Like in many other parts of Buganda, NUP ticket holder Charles Tebandeke was victorious.

Denis Katongole (Right) enjoying a light moment with NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine|Courtesy.

While addressing mourners at Sserubogo’s burial, Mathias Mpuuga the leader of opposition in Parliament and party Vice President in charge of Buganda said NUP was prepared to replace their fallen member.

“I can assure you [the people of Kayunga] that as a party, we shall be able to have as many people who will replace Owek Ffeffekka Sserubogo. What we ask from you is to give us the support that you gave him [Sserubogo],” Hon Mpuuga said.

One of Katongole’s posters that are already on ground in Kayunga District.

In a telephone interview with Sta Daily News, Katongole Wednesday said the task at hand is to show his credentials for the post to NUP leadership so that they can trust him with the party ticket.

“The ball is in their coat. I have put the food on the table. Therefore, the onus to either eat or leave it,is on them,” Katongole said.

If given the mandate to represent the party and eventually win the by-election, Katongole revealed his first priority will be to work on road network in the district.

“Transport is key to very society. Therefore, my first task in case I become the chairman, will be to work on our roads,” he said.

Giving an example of the road to Bbaale, Katongole said there’s a need to work on number of the district’s dusty roads.

Another point of concern for the radio and TV celebrity, is solving the land question in the district.

“As you may be aware Kayunga is one of the areas in Uganda where land wrangles are rampant. So I want to help my poor people who are being chased by the so called rich off their land,” he said.

The land problem in Kayunga has been a thorn in the flesh especially for the native poor for some time. It’s one of the battles that District Woman MP and former minister Aidah Nantaba has been fighting since she joined politics.

In media, Katongole has worked with a number of outlets in Uganda including Radio Simba, Beat FM, Bukedde Radio and TV, Delta TV.

For his studies, Katongole went to Mengo Primary School, Kitatya Secondary School in Kayunga and Yale High School. He later did a diploma in Journalism and degree in Mass Communication at Kampala International University.
At Kampala University, he served as Guild President.