Bbosa eulogises Express life manager Kinobe

"He was like a Father to me, the person I would go to in case I needed advise .RIP manager, I will miss you so much but I pray the almighty God have mercy on you . Amen," - Wasswa Bbosa.

Mzee Kinobe Abdul (RIP)| Internet photo.

Express Football Club on Tuesday 22nd June, 2021 lost one of their loyal and long serving staff, Abdul Kinobe.

To many an Express FC faithfuls including team coach Wsswa Bbosa, Mzee Kinobe will never be forgotten.

Bbosa and the man he has always boldly referred to as a father, have been friends since mid nineties when the former was playing at the club. And their relationship grew stronger when Bbosa assumed the club’s head coach role for his first stint in 2013. He would however return for a second stint which is still on today.

“I really don’t know where to start from” a Crestfallen Bbosa club website before adding,

“Hajji Kinobe’s loss is a massive gap that will be difficult to fill, he ate, slept, breathed Express FC, we’ve had so many low moments at the club but he kept encouraging us to keep going, I have lost a guardian, friend and confidant, we can only celebrate his life and work harder like he always said”.

“He was like a Father to me, the person I would go to in case I needed advise .RIP manager, I will miss you so much but I pray the almighty God have mercy on you . Amen,” the Red Eagles coach later posted on his social media account.

Mzee Kinobe Abdul (Left), Wasswa Bbosa (Middle) and Godfrey Nyola| IMAGE RIGHTS- Express FC.

Abdul Kinobe’s profile:

Mzee Kinobe was born 70 years ago to Mr. Sulaiman Ssewagudde and Ms. Aminah Naku, both deceased. A tribute on the official club website confirmed Mr. Kinobe Abdul was an ardent Express FC fan from 1968 during his youthful years.

It is said that Kinobe’s love for the Wankulukuku side was ignited by his admiration of Ali Kitonsa (RIP)who at the time was the club’s top marksman, now the club’s all time leading goal scorer albeit the maternal relation between them.

In light of love, a young Kinobe reportedly abandoned his studies in Kenya, at the time Express FC oftenly took part in various competitions held in Nairobi and returned to Uganda to support the club.

Roles at the Club:

Mzee Kinobe Abdul (Left) has served Express FC in different capacities| Courtesy photo.

Passionately known for this loud chants in the stands from the early days, Mr. Kinobe Abdul served as the Red Army leader but on a voluntary basis, with the club going through financial constraints in the early 2000’s all through to 2012 briefly, Kinobe ensured the stands had fans to cheer the boys on.

Team Manager – 2011/12.

Mr. Kinobe was the team manager during the 2011/2012 season, the last time the Red Eagles won the league, he also offered support with several other roles on the team during his stay at the club.

Before he went to be with his God, Mr. Kinobe Abdul was in charge of the team’s travel arrangements for away games and also ensuring that the team’s logistics are in place on time.