African Super League imminent- Caf president Motsepe

Despite being a pillar in the proposed formation of the African Super League, the Infantino headed FIFA joined UEFA to condemn ESL creation.

Dr Patrice Motsepe, the CAF president| Courtesy.

African football governing body, CAF’s plans to launch a Super League are in high gear according to a statement released on Sunday.

Despite a similar project in Europe crashing after public outcry, CAF president Patrice Motsepe says an African Super League, an idea first suggested by FIFA president Gianni Infantino, is needed to improve the game on the continent and make it financially viable.


“We are assessing and in preliminary discussions to start an inclusive and broadly supported and beneficial CAF African Super League,” he said in a statement.

“We have been following the attempts by some top European clubs to form a Euro Super League and will learn from their experience and pitfalls.”

Infantino brought up the idea first in 2019 suggesting that it comprises 20 permanent member clubs plus others that would qualify via regional competitions.
In his prediction, the Fifa reasoned that the Super League would have the potential to generate a revenue of $3 billion over a five-year cycle.

Motsepe said CAF, which is African football’s controlling body, must consider new competitions to generate additional income for itself and its member associations and “also contribute to African football becoming globally competitive and self-sustaining.”

European Super League not yet dead

A number of clubs involved in the European Super League are yet to formally leave the hated competition – with organisers claiming that the botched masterplan will relaunch, according to media reports.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea all chickened out of the European Super League within 72 hours of the seismic change to the sport being dramatically announced in April,2021. 

A spate of public apologies and pledges to resist revisiting the doomed idea followed, but the so-called Bix Six allegedly remain co-owners and shareholders of a holding company in Spain, with senior sources close to the venture claiming there is ‘no mechanism’ for withdrawal and the league will be relaunched, reported The Times. 

Reports indicate the organisers believe that the hugely controversial plan is even more vital amid the financial crisis caused by Covid-19, with a senior source reportedly saying: ‘The owners know this is not the end — it’s just the beginning.

‘We will resume dialogue, whether this year or next year. It’s just financial gravity. Football can’t survive in its current form.’  

Despite being a pillar in the proposed formation of the African Super League, the Infantino headed FIFA joined UEFA to condemn ESL creation.

FIFA and UEFA both condemned the proposals and warned that any teams involved would be banned from their leagues, including the outlawing of players from international competition.