UMSC Ranches, Part 13: Sheikh Kassimu Mulumba rescinds resignation as Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya is appointed Chief Kadhi Of Uganda.

The news of Sheikh Kassimu Mulumba’s resignation shocked the nation as the majority of Muslims failed to come to terms with it.

Sheikh Kassimu Mulumba| File Photo.

By Zziwa Ashiraf

The Months of August up to Dec 1983, were very chaotic and tense as tempers and emotions flared among Ugandan Muslims.


The news of Sheikh Kassimu Mulumba’s resignation shocked the nation as the majority of Muslims failed to come to terms with it.

They flocked the UMSC Headquarters in Old Kampala to verify the news hoping that it was false. Many other Muslims pitched camp at Sheikh Mulumba’s residence at Old Kampala, the present home of the Muslim World League Uganda offices.

Hajjat Hawa Lugomwa, a prominent businesswoman from Kireka, who once hosted Sheikh Mulumba and told her guests that despite not going to school, she could easily comprehend his speeches delivered in English without the aid of an interpreter serves as another example of passion Muslims had for Mulumba.So a team of likely minds went to persuade the Sheikh to rescind his resignation.

They worked round the clock with Sheikh Mulumba’s confidants to convince him to rescind the decision to resign from the high office.

On the other hand, it seemed his colleagues at the UMSC headquarters celebrated his exit and immediately embarked on arrangements in line with the UMSC Constitution to replace the outgoing Chief Kadhi.

In his July 28th 1983 acknowledgment letter to Sheikh Kassimu Mulumba, the Late Haj. Prince Badru Kakungulu, then UMSC National Chair wrote in part;

“…. on my behalf, that of the Council and the Muslim Population, we extend our thanks and appreciation for the services you rendered to the community for the period of 4 years that you have served as the Chief Kadhi. This period has been very difficult in the development of Islam in Uganda but you have managed to steer through up to the present day. Thank you very much and your services will be always remembered”.

On Aug 5th 1983, Sheikh Kassimu Mulumba penned another letter.

” In response to outcry and requests from Muslims and well wishers of Islam in and outside the country. This is to state that i have rescinded the decision i had taken to resign from the Office as the Chief Kadhi of Uganda……. though my reason to resign was diplomatically based on medical ground, there were reasons out of that which would have been considered by colleagues in UMSC……..

I therefore appeal to all Muslims and well-wishers to join hands in re-organising UMSC ……”.

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The author is the Spokesperson of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.