Covid-19: Here’s what Pres Museveni said about Kampala, Wakiso

Although Mr Museveni believes all the preventive measures are vital in the control of the pandemic, he said vaccination is the master of all.


President Yoweri Museveni has asked Ugandans to stay alert and safe as the country enters a very dangerous phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rumors were all over both main stream and social media that the president was among other pronouncements going to issue a second total lockdown. However, he said he had come to alert the populace.


“I came to sound a warning to the whole country. We are entering a very dangerous phase. We are going to meet to make decisions on the way forward. I appeal to the population to stay safe,” President Museveni said.

Mr Museveni added that, “when we speak next week, we shall go through the details of the “DOs” and the “DON’Ts” during this wave of COVID-19. When we do that, I expect everyone to cooperate.”

The President noted that the districts of Kampala and Wakiso are currently the most affected by the pandemic and has thus, advised those in rural areas to minimize their travels into the said districts.

“Ugandans who are in the villages, if you are not doing serious work, don’t come to Kampala or Wakiso. Stay in your villages, they are safe. Kampala and Wakiso are full of COVID-19 because people here don’t listen,” he said.

He revealed that the situation in most of the countryside is not that bad and he’s optimistic that Uganda can avoid what the rest of the countries have gone through if the population adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures.

“The situation is not yet dire. If we behave, we may be able to manage it. For most of the country, there is no Corona. There are areas where cases have not been reported. The whole of the western region has very few cases.”

President Museveni however asserted that If Uganda doesn’t control the number of infections, the health facilities will be overwhelmed and people will start dying in large numbers like it’s happening in the US, India and other countries. “If people start dying in large number here don’t say we never told you,” said Mr Museveni.

The president said it was because of the 36 lockdown measures his government imposed last year, that Uganda managed to contain the spread of Covid-19. He noted that since July 2020, the rate of infections had gone down until May 2021 when the cases started escalating.

“The whole strategy hinges on minimizing the infections. That is why we succeeded last year. In Europe and other places, they failed because they failed to control the numbers. The high-grade health centers were of no value but simply overwhelmed.”

Although Mr Museveni believes all the preventive measures are vital in the control of the pandemic, he said vaccination is the master of all.

“Apart from the SOPs, the real solution is in the vaccine. We bought 964,000 AstraZeneca vaccines and 581,000 have been vaccinated so far,” he said.

Therefore, the president warned that “until 4.8 million people have been vaccinated we can not relax.” “These people include those above 50 years, teachers, security personnel and people below 50 years of age with underlying conditions,” he said.

Following the confirmation of 700 new infections on May 29 by the Ministry of Health, Uganda now has 45,931 cumulative cases. More than 350 people have also been declared dead.