Powerlifting: P.6 dropout Mubiru continues to raise high Uganda’s flag on the world stage

Like many ophans in Uganda's capital and other urban centres in the country, Mubiru left home and ended up sleeping on the streets. He could later begin hawking breads and eggs.

Roy Mubiru picks up his award|Courtesy photo.

Roy Mubiru once again raised Uganda’s flag high in the United States of America when he won another gold medal for the country at the April 17th ,2021 APA world champion qualifiers.

Mubiru, competed in age group class 40-44 years masters tested raw and weight category 125-130kgs, after putting on more three kilograms to his usual 125kgs.


The Ugandan lifted a total of 1828kgs in three styles, squat, bench press and deadlift.

Despite missing out on his earlier target of lifting 2,000kgs in total by just 172kgs, Mubiru did good lifts in deadlift,his personal best and was impressed with his performance nevertheless.

Roy picks up weights in deadlift.

“Though I missed out on my target of lifting a total of 2000kgs at the competition, I did good deadlifts,” he said.

Mubiru credited his good performance partly to his manager, Frank kaheesi and prophet Robert Muwanguzi of Life Havens Christian Ministries, Mukono, who, he said on kept encouraging him and sharing him in prayers.

He also thanked media houses in Uganda for their continued support,something he said is pushing him to greater heights.

The American Powerlifting Championships were run in multiple locations simultaneously due to varying states travel restrictions, and Covid-19 policy differences in the US.

Amongst them included Clinton, Missouri – Oakville, Connecticut, and West Virgina, and doubled as Qualifier to 2021 World Cup of powerlifting in Quebec city, Canada.

Mubiru’s Early Life:

Born in December 12, 1977 in Nsambya, Kampala, Roy Mubiru is aguably Uganda,s greatest Powerlifter of all time. He is the director of ACPA, African continental powerlifting alliance, WPA affiliate federation and a level 1 referee, WPA, American powerlifting association also he is the founder of RMPowerlifting.

Roy picks lifts in squat style.

He attended Kamuli Primary School, but could only study up to primary six as he dropped out at the age of 13 due to luck of finance after he lost his father.

Like many ophans in Uganda’s capital and other urban centres in the country, Mubiru left home and ended up sleeping on the streets.
He could later begin hawking breads and eggs.

In 1996, Mubiru joined boxing,a sport that is synonymous with street children in Uganda. He found refugee at Lukanga Boxing Club in Kampala which alongside other young boxers took him to Busia and Kenya and he participated in stage coach boxing club.

Like luck would have it, Mubiru met Abu Koloma who took him to South Africa four years later.

There, he had three fights of which he won two and lost once. He however joined powerlifting in 2008.

Powerlifting Journey:

Mubiru’s powerlifting career began at the Kevin Markmann gym where he took part in squat lift, deadlift, bench press and then qualified for Gauteng North.

He could participate in weight category in which he said to have been impressive.

His hard work paid off as he won his maiden medal, a silver in weight category at the Fame UK.

His first gold came in 2011 in Las Vegas at the Masomania deadlift competition.

In December 2014, he participated in the RPS revolution powerlifting in Easthampton, New England. And in February 2015 he competed in revolution powerlifting in New Jersey.
He thereafter took a break until 2018 in the APA (American Powerlifting Association).

Mubiru was the only African who qualified for the 2019 Ukraine WPA World Powerlifting Championships. And for better preparations, he took part in APA world cup warmup and won a golden medal.

At the world championships, the Ugandan despite being the only African among 520 participants from 20 countries,won two gold medals in weight category and the best team 2019.

During the World Cup Championships, Mubiru was among the 100 athletes selected to participate in the WPA world cup powerlifting invitational championship in Washington DC and won a gold medal in weight category.

In October 2020, he participated in WPA world championships and he won two gold medals in weight category and age group.

Gold for Roy for overall weight lifts|COURTESY.

He attended APA, WPA powerlifting referee online course between 2019 and 2020.

He is also the Director of ACPA, WPA African continental powerlifting alliance.

To show how patriotic he is, the strong but soft spoken Mubiru formed RM Powerlifting and CrossFit in Uganda.

He has even previously organised WPA African championships with participants coming from Tanzania, Cameroon, Rwanda and Uganda.

And hopefully, when the Covid-19 pandemic threat reduces, Mubiru’s dream of producing more medal winners for Uganda through such championships as the one he held in 2019 will resume.