Uganda Cranes: Skipper Onyango to ‘soon follow’ Hassan Wasswa in retirement

The skipper has in the past tried to retire from the team but later rescinded his decision under un explained circumstances.


Onyango Denis

Uganda Cranes captain and number one goalkeeper Denis Onyango has announced he is soon joining midfielder and his assistant Hassan Wasswa in retirement from the national team.


After 13 dedicated years of service to Uganda, Wasswa Friday revealed he was hanging up his national team boots and since then, many a Ugandans including Onyango have come out to congratulate him for his 75 caps and the service rendered to the nation.

“Thanks for everything my brother, Hassan Wasswa.
On and Off the field, you were one of the best guys around. Congratulations on a great 13year Cranes career and know am soon following suit. But first, enjoy your retirement and be proud.

All the best team warrior and fighter,” Onyango tweeted on Sunday.

However, through Onyango’s congratulatory message, the Mamelodi Sundowns goalkeeper hinted at hanging his boots too.

The skipper has in the past tried to retire from the team but later rescinded his decision under un explained circumstances.

All said though, this time round, his revelations come at a time when a number of senior national team players Onyango inclusive are silently at loggerhead with Uganda’s football governing body, Fufa over money matters.

In a leaked audio that is currently making rounds in various WhatsApp groups, the Cranes captain is, in a furious tone heard castigating the manner in which Fufa president Moses Magogo responded to the players’ concerns about their un paid allowances and bonuses.

On Monday, Magogo told media that a number of payments to the players had been made and many more would be effected.

He however said the players who represented the country in Cameroon at the 2020 African Nations Championship (Chan) played “shitty football” and therefore, had no right to demand for payment.

Mr Magogo’s utterances angered many including the the Cranes captain.

“I am really tired of making money for those Fufa guys, let him [Magogo] start another team that will not play ’shitty’ football and make the money for him,” Onyango is heard saying in Luganda.

From Left to Right: Onyango, Wasswa and Fufa president Moses Magogo in a group photo with former Cranes media officer Fred Katende and striker Emmanuel Okwi (behind)| Courtesy.

Uganda early June start the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Kenya at home in their group E first fixture but Onyango revealed he will not be part of squad. “I do not know who will play for him [Magogo] in the World Cup qualifiers because me I do not have the time for that.”


Matchday 1

5th – 8th June, 2021

Kenya Vs Uganda

Matchday 2

11th – 14th June 2021

Uganda Vs Mali

Matchday 3

1st – 4th Sept 2021

Rwanda Vs Uganda

Matchday 4

5th – 7th Sept 2021

Uganda Vs Rwanda

Matchday 5

6th – 9th Oct 2021

Uganda Vs Kenya

Matchday 6

10th – 12th Oct 2021

Mali Vs Uganda

Onyango said Magogo’s fumes were uncalled for and that “It was just a matter of coming out with an explanation because the truth is Fufa owes them the money.”

He wondered whether this was the reason as to why Fufa refused to give them [Chan players] the jerseys they used at the tournament which he said was “unprofessional.”

Onyango also commented on former Cranes player Sulaiman (Mike) Mutyaba who was Friday beaten by security and thrown into the police custody as he and other ex- internationals peacefully demonstrated at Fufa house in Mengo.

Mutyaba (Front) with colleagues demonstrate at Fufa house, Mengo on Friday before he was battered and arrested.

“Mike Mutyaba has just exposed them, they embezzle players’ funds that is the truth because national team players were supposed to be paid one million shillings each month but nothing has come out.”

Mutyaba has in the past weeks continued to make an alarm warning that money is being swindled by Fufa bosses and the players are suffering silently.

Mutyaba’s campaign however seems to have rubbed the Fufa hencho the wrong way thus responding in a manner many have deemed unfortunate for a man of Magogo’s caliber.

With just weeks to start Qatar preparations, we wait to see who will be in or out of the squad.

Will the technical team follow the boss’ advice and not summon the players that he said have lasted longer but have no performance to show? Or will the players turn down the summons?