Shock as suspect sneaks gun into courtroom

"The recovered gun is a star pistol and contained 13 rounds of ammunitions. The gun has been exhibited."

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police|COURTESY PHOTO.

Police in Uganda is investigating the circumstances under which an accused person known as Luzinda Cylus Sale, on a case which is under hearing in the Anti Corruption Court Kololo Kampala managed to access court premises while armed, which is against security protocols in all courts.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, one of the witnesses who was in court for the hearing on a matter in which Luzinda was the accused, rushed out of court and informed the police which came in and disarmed him.


This was after the suspect had managed to gain access to the witnesses in the matter he [Luzinda] is accused of receiving stolen property and started threatening of causing harm to them .

“The recovered gun is a star pistol and contained 13 rounds of ammunitions.
The gun has been exhibited,” Owoyesigyire said in a statement.

Owoyesigyire revealed that the task team at Jinja Road Police Station will further establish whether the the suspect had an operation license for the firearm or not.

The gun will also according to Owoyesigyire be forwarded for further forensic analysis to also establish whether it was electronically registered  during the ongoing exercise of electronic registration of firearms and whether it has ever been used in any crime.

Without revealing much details, Owoyesigyire further noted that the police have taken action against the court orderlies, who were supposed to ensure that every person is effectively searched from head to toe, for failure to carry out their duties.

He added that the court had also decided to cancel the bail of Luzinda. And consequently, he is to be forwarded to Kitalya Prisons.

“We have also opened another offence against him of threatening violence and attempted murder,” Owoyesigyire said.