Gen Tumwine beaten as army elect parliamentary representatives

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Council has January 29, 2021 elected new representatives to the 11th Parliament


The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Council has January 29, 2021 elected new representatives to the 11th Parliament.

The exercise that was attended by Commander in Chief and president of Uganda Gen Yoweri Museveni, took place at the Land Forces Headquarters in Bombo.


The biggest loser of the elections however has been security minister Gen Elly Tumwine.
Tumwine who has represented the army to the Ugandan Parliament since 1996, polled only 104 votes.

Among incumbents, only Gen Edward Katumba Wamala has managed to return. Others who have been members of the 10th but were not nominated to contest include; Lt Gen Pecos Kutesa, Lt Gen Ivan Koreta, Brig Flavia Byekwaso, the army spokesperson, Capt Susan Lakot, Brig Felix Kulayigye, Brig Francis Takirwa, Brig Vicente Oula and Capt Evelyn Asiimwe.

The army has ten representatives to the Parliament of which three must be women.

Col Dr Victor Nekesa, Lt Col Charity Bainababo are Maj Dr Jennifer Alanyo are the women who have been elected.

The three women who will represent the army to 11th Parliament.

On the other hand, the male representatives are; Gen David Muhoozi, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, Lt Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, Lt Gen James Mugira, Maj Gen Henry Matsiko and Maj Gen. Sam Kavuma.

While addressing the soldiers before the start of elections, President Museveni urged the new members of Parliament to support what he said are his key priority areas in the new government.

Gen Museveni said the key priorities are like seven and include; equipping the army, roads, railway and water ways, electricity, health education, salaries for the scientists and the armed forces and wealth funds.

“Equipping our Armed Forces to be second to none in our region of Africa; and I will not compromise on that.” Gen Museveni said.

The seven male representatives.

He revealed that the Army MPs are in Parliament to be a conveyor belt for National issues and be listening posts. He added that this is on the account of the history of Uganda which like some other African countries had become ungovernable and a failed state. The members of the Constituent Assembly found it wise to include 10 members of Parliament to represent the UPDF.

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