I like Bobi Wine’s courage – Spice Diana

The Onsanura and Bukete hit singer said she is among the many that are proud of Kyagulanyi and his bravery.

Bobi Wine, his wife Babie Itungo and a baby said to be one and a half years old| COURTESY PHOTO.

Singer Spice Diana real names Namukwaya Hajara Diana has come out to commend fellow artiste turned politician Bobi Wine aka Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert for the courage he has exhibited in politics.

“Courage is contagious, when a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened and Bobi Wine has instilled courage in all hearts of those that persue dreams,” Diana wrote on her Facebook page.


The Onsanura and Bukete hit singer said she is among the many that are proud of Kyagulanyi and his bravery.

“We are proud of you Bobi Wine for the brave stand you pursued and have succeeded at, you have had the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Keep your head high, we love you,” she added.

Spice Diana says Bobi Wine has inspired a generation despite facing numerous challenges along the way.
“Thank you For inspiring a whole generation. It has not been easy but you have taken a sacrifice for all of us. Thank you. Journey continues,” she said.


Bobi Wine has been one of the ten candidates that wanted to bring to an end Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni Kaguta’s 35 year rule in the just concluded Presidential elections. The Electoral Commission of Uganda however declared Museveni as the winner with 58.64% of the vote while Kyagulanyi became second at 34.83%

However, in addition to various running battles with security operatives during campaigns, he is currently under a joint Police and military siege.
Bobi Wine and his wife haven’t left their house since January 14.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bobi Wine tweeted thus; “Day six under house arrest and we’re still stuck with an 18month old baby. Her dad had brought her to visit her auntie (Barbie) just before we were raided and besieged, he was blocked from picking her up.”

Bobi Wine looks on as military men continue to take charge of his compound|COURTESY PHOTO.

On Monday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga told journalists it’s was true the security personnel were at Kyagulanyi’s home but denied they had placed the Kyaddondo East MP under house arrest. Enanga said the siege is meant to prevent any form of violence that might break out throughout the country.

“We want to assure Ugandans of a peaceful aftermath of the elections. We have been able to counter most of the plans. There have been information of certain political parties and certain individuals coming up with plan B to instigate riots in protest of the outcome of elections. That’s why we have maintained a security cover around Kasangati and Magere, including the home of hon. Kyagulanyi,”Enanga said.