Journalist Canary Mugume speaks out about rape accusations

In a series of tweets, Cherry Gisha a couple of days ago alleged that she was raped by Mr Canary Mugume in 2018.

Nbs TV Journalist Canary Mugume|COURTESY PHOTO.

NBS TV journalist Canary Mugume has said a Twitter account in the names of one Cherry Gisha that was recently used to accuse him of rape and being associated with gays is fake.

The investigative reporter revealed the person behind these tweets is a boy working to tarnish his name and that will soon be exposed.
“Her pictures are being used wrongly to blackmail me. The real person in the picture is called Eliyah Abdul who I spoke to on phone yesterday,” said Canary Mugume.


In a series of tweets, Cherry Gisha a couple of days ago alleged that she was raped by Mr Canary Mugume in 2018.

“I need help on how I can get justice. Seeing him moving around with his so called his girlfriend when my heart is still bleeding I don’t get it.” Cherry said before adding, “it has been difficult for me to speak out fearing to be laughed at but it’s time to demand justice. I was raped by Canary Mugume in 2018 in his friend’s car after him and his gay friends mixed drugs in my drink. He accused me of informing his mum that he was doing homosexuality.”

“I used to be his girlfriend from Rwanda when I was staying in Uganda for my studies. I was so close to his mum who preferred me to his current girlfriend. So Canary always thought that I was always the one revealing his dirty secrets to his mom,” Cherry disclosed.

Cherry threatened that she would drag Canary to court because she has all the evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

However, in what looked like an attack from an already known direction, Mr Mugume’s colleagues at Next Media were all out to fire back.

“No case here. This mission has aborted on arrival.”

“I pray none of your daughters is ever raped old man. What will you do when I bring out evidence? You will be shocked!” one of Mugume’s seniors Njala Kaggwa wrote.

Samson Kasumba, said; “This is what we’ve been reduced to as a nation. Canary Mugume is a decent young man. The reason he is suffering this is known. What else will you say? I have been here before and I am sure I will be brought back. We have a job to do and it will be done. Canary I am proud of you.”

“You’re proud of him for being a rapist or a homosexual?” Cherry asked, adding that it’s so ashaming of Kasumba. “Good enough you have daughters. I pray none ever goes through what I experienced,” she added.

Another colleague of Canary, Daniel Lutaaya revealed that he had carried out a quick research which indicated that Cherry is a fake and non existent being but an ill-behaved hater who is hiding behind someone’s cute face to frame others.

Cherry replied; “So your problem is my picture? So funny of you. It’s unfortunate that most of your ladies from Buganda prefer my pic which is okay because I’ve seen some using for cute ladies like Sheebah. So it’s not my fault that people admired my pics. I encourage the rest to also use me on all their platforms.”

And after some days, Canary Mugume says he has concluded his investigations and he is soon spilling out the beans.

“Cherry Gisha’ is a catfish and is a boy tweeting. How do you blackmail an investigative journalist who will find out who you are?” Mr Mugume said on Saturday.

“Treat everything from this Cherry account as fake. The boy tweeting will soon be exposed with his entire blackmail group, who are paid just to spoil people’s names,” he added.

There is a school of thought that the accusations could be politically motivated.
This is because they popped up just hours after the journalist had had what many termed as ‘not so good’ twitter response to First Son also Commander of Special Forces Command (SFC) Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who had attacked NUP presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine.

“Ngu ‘Musinguzi’? Mbwenu ogu akasingura ki? (I hear Musinguzi (he who wins), now what did he win?) This is an insult not only against Banyankore but against all the tribes in Western Uganda,” Gen Muhoozi who is also a presidential advisor for special operations tweeted on Wednesday.

And Mugume responded, ” Mwenu iwe okasinguraki? literally meaning ” And you what did you win?”

Despite both tweets being deleted, many a Ugandans have attached Mugume’s current woes to the confrontation.