NRM Elections: Kadaga calls for ceasefire among winners, losers

Kadaga polled 6,776 votes against Namuganza Persis's 3,943 in a landslide victory for the Speaker but she acknowledges how hectic the process has been.


The Speaker of Parliament of Uganda and the newly elected NRM second National Vice chairman(female) Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has urged Party members to stop politics of hate and blackmail.
“With the CEC elections now past us, let us move past politics of hate and blackmail and focus on that which will make our Party stronger and attractive to both the young and old,” Kadaga has said.

Rebecca Kadaga (L) and Persis Namuganza(R) were at loggerheads during the NRM CEC campaigns. Daily Monitor.

Kadaga polled 6,776 votes against
Namuganza Persis’s 3,943 in a landslide victory for the Speaker but she acknowledges how hectic the process has been.
“It has been intense but a very important process for the largest Party in the country to lead by example and, within the party, to give confidence to our members that they have a strong say in the Party they love so much.”


Like most of the other rivals during the campaigns, the contest between Kadaga and Namuganza was characterised by counter- accusations from both sides. However, Kadaga believes the process has shown how strong and democratic a party NRM is. “The last couple of weeks have confirmed to the country and to the world that in the NRM, democracy is not just a word we talk about but one that we practice.”

“Yesterday’s victory was not just mine but the Party’s win. I would like to thank the delegates from all the districts for trusting me for yet another term on CEC,” Kadaga added. 

Full results from NRM CEC elections:

National Chairperson: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

First Vice National Chairperson : Al hajji Moses Kigongo.

2nd Vice National Chairperson (female) :
Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga – 6,776 (winner)
Namuganza Persis – 3,943

Regional Vice Chairpersons .

Singh Katongole – 4503 (winner)
Amooti Nyakana -2665
Uhuru Salim  – 2665

Godfrey  Kiwanda – 4749 (winner)
Kiganda Ssonko –  1000
Mayendo Moses – _
Magalo John – 676
Kaliisa Kalangwa -3701

Chris Baryomunsi – 5947 (winner)
Diini Emmanuel – 224
Matayo Kyaligonza – 2550
Kintu Florence – 1875
Kafuda Boaz – 662
Tibugaya Apollo – 259
Muhanji Wilberforce – 1285

Mike Mukula – 5818 (winner)
Sanjay Tanna- 4162
Akello Christine Harriet – 162

Jacob Oulanya – 7,473 (winner)
Sam Engola – 1,665
Dr. Odong – 277
Joken – 995

Aleper Simon Peter –  8,143 (winner)
Jimmy Lokoru – 2,220